Cable Installation. How to install cable outlet.

In today’s info age, an enormous amount of info is being pressed with our coaxial cables.

It would seem that whenever I’ve thought about relocating my TV to a new place in the house, that there’s never a cable outlet where I require one. I lately wanted and also remedied this concern to share with you exactly how to tackle your Cable Installation!



This tutorial is specific to installing “via the wall surface” cable television lines in residences with a crawl space. Since lots of cord customers have HD receivers, I think it’s crucial to mount a crowning achievement also known as a continuous run of cable. Doing so will result in a greater signal as well as a far better quality image. With that said being stated, let’s have a look at what you’ll require.


Materials Listing

  • Low Voltage Electrical Box
  • Keyhole Saw
  • RG6 Wire
  • 3/8 ″ x 54 ″ Auger Drill Bit
  • 3/8 ″ x 12 ″ Drill Bit
  • Drill
  • Wire Clips
  • Hammer
  • Coax Cable Receptacle Wall Plate
  • Coax Cable Stripper
  • Compression Tool w/ F-Connectors
  • Pencil


Instructions for Installing Your Own Cable Outlet


1. When you’ve decided where to set up the new wire outlet, measure up 15 ″ and mark an area 1-1/2 ″ x 3-3/4 ″.



2. Using a keyhole saw, punctured the drywall to create the opening for the installation of a reduced voltage electric box.

Before you finish the following step, make certain that the area you intend on an exploration into doesn’t consist of any risks (i.e. electrical cable, ductwork, gas lines, and so on) With open access into the wall, place the tip of the auger bit into the intermediary and drill into all-time low of the stud wall surface to access into the crawlspace below.


3. Leave the auger little bit in position as well as head to the crawl space. This will certainly make it very easy to spot where you’ll be mounting the cable. As soon as in position, connect one end of the wireline onto the tip of the drill bit making use of utility string, then head back within.



4. Slowly draw the drill little bit along with the connected on cable television line back up with the opening. Move the low voltage box into the opening in the drywall and also protect it in the area.



5. Wire Line Installation. Before you can complete this end of the setup, you’ll require to include an F-connector throughout the wire. Below’s a fast referral guide on exactly how to make use of a compression device to affix F-connectors to coax cable.


Step 1. Using a coax strip tool, strip the insulation from the cable.

Step 2. Slide an F-connector onto the cable line.

Step 3. Place the cable line and F-connector into the compression tool.

Step 4. Compress the tool, securing the F-connector into place.


6. Currently, screw the F-connector onto the rear of the coax cable receptacle wall plate and protect the wall surface plate onto the low voltage electrical box.



7. The inside work is done for the time being. Now you’ll require to head outdoors to where your cable television box lies. Depending upon how your house is created, and where your cable lines are run, this next action may be various for you.

Utilizing a 12 ″ masonry bit, drill via the concrete block.



8. Once you’re via the block, slide a fish pole or a straightened out layer hanger through the hole.


9. Currently, head back into the crawlspace. With one end of your cable line set up, you can secure the continuing to be run of cable television to the flooring joists utilizing cable television clips as you function your method toward the opening you just made, closest to the wire box.


10. When you reach the pierced opening, connect a little section of string to the end of the fish pole.


11. Link the other end of the string to your cable line. Once it’s secure, head back and also draw your line out.


12. Before you can end up the installment, you’ll require to add an F-connector to this end of the cord adhering to the same instructions as you utilized inside.


13. Anytime I run a brand-new cable television line, I mark it utilizing a paint pen, so that if something ever before arises as well as I require to disconnect my lines, I can ensure that the appropriate cords get reconnected.


14. And as the last action, link your newly run wireline to an open adapter on the cable television company’s cable splitter.



Before I began tackling my DIY cord installation, I looked into just how much it would certainly cost to have a professional installer appeared and run my cord lines through the wall. To run a 50 ′ section of RG6 from the external cable box to the wall surface within, it would have cost me a minimum of $125.

So the following time you’re repositioning a space and also locate that you’re without a cable electrical outlet in an optimum spot, no requirement to stress! Tackle your DIY cable installation!

This tutorial details to mounting “through the wall” cable lines in homes with a crawl room. Given that many cable clients have HD receivers, I believe it’s essential to set up a home run also known as an uninterrupted run of cable television. When in location, tie one end of the wireline onto the tip of the drill bit making use of utility string, after that head back within.

Now you’ll need to head outdoors to where your wire box is situated. Depending on just how your residence is constructed, and also where your cable lines are run, this next step may be various for you.

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