7 Ideas for Easy DIY Kitchen Remodeling

7 Ideas for Easy DIY Kitchen Remodeling


Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen for yourself or for resale, there are a few helpful tips that can spice up your kitchen.


  1. Check for coupons to Home Depot on auction sites like Ebay. Many times, you can find coupons that give you 10-20% off items. One caveat is that you need to check the feedback of the seller first to make sure they are honest about the coupons.


  1. When searching for contractors to remodel your kitchen, give craigslist.org a try. You can post an ad yourself, asking for contractors, or you can find ads from the contractors themselves, showcasing their skills.


  1. Change out the wallpaper in your kitchen. It is not as difficult as you would imagine. You will need to buy a scoring tool called a Paper Tiger and use it to press gently on your walls. Next, combine 3 parts water with 1 part fabric softener and place into a spray bottle. Spray the walls and let it soak in for a few minutes. The paper should peel right off. If not, repeat the process.


  1. If you are picking new granite or Corian countertops, steer clear of dark, solid colors. Stains and dirt show up on them easily. Stick with lighter colors that will mask any imperfections.

  1. A good choice for flooring material in your kitchen is porcelain tile because they are durable and easy to clean. The ones with a non slip texture are even better. Pick a dark grout color so that dirt does not show.

  1. A quick and relatively inexpensive way to get rid of unsightly Formica counters is to install granite tiles over them.

  1. Lighting is very important yet often overlooked. Position your brightest lights above your largest countertop spaces and your island. This prevents shadows on your counters and showcases the beauty of your counters. You can also install accent lighting in numerous places such as under cabinets or along walls. Be creative.

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