Avoiding DIY Plumbing work with a little care

Avoiding DIY Plumbing work with a little care



When something goes wrong with your plumbing the results can be quite expensive, but with some DIY plumbing knowledge, you can prevent these repairs from becoming necessary by taking care of your home’s plumbing yourself.


First of all, when the end of autumn comes around you should disconnect all outside hoses around your home because it will stop pipes from freezing and you will not need to worry about water damage. On the other hand, you can take some time to purchase hose bibs that prevent freezing and not worry about this DIY plumbing prevention task.


Next, you should pay some attention to your water heater and make sure that is completely lagged so that you don’t have to worry about a burst tank and you can tick that off your list of DIY plumbing jobs.


While on a winter holiday make sure that you leave your water heater seating on ‘pilot’ or a ‘holiday’ setting if it has one. This will help prevent damage while you are away. Also take care that you leave the heating system at least at 13C 55F because even though you may not be home to need the heat, you want to make sure that your pipes do not freeze.


In addition, you should also take care to drain out the water heater completely at least once a year if not twice. While this is not a particularly gratifying DIY plumbing task, it will flush out the sediment that gathers on the bottom of the water heater that if left unattended will start to corrode through the bottom of the tank costing you a hefty repair bill.


Finally, invest in placing some strainers and drain catchers so that small items, objects, and hair do not get down into your pipes by accident. These items can cause clogs that are expensive to fix and can be prevented with just a few minutes of time if put catchers in place.


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