Top 10 Tackiest DIY Design Projects




  1. Self-Designing a Room –With all Matching Furniture

When you purchase a complete bedroom furnishing set, your house will start looking like it’s a showroom. In addition to being boring, and extremely visually hefty, it’s an indication that you do not care about an individual sense of fashion since you have let others perform your decorating job, by letting some place such as a furniture store create it for you.

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  1. Doing Your Landscaping Using Artificial Flowers

Typically, fake flowers are no good as they are inexpensive and cannot ever touch the prettiness of real ones. And putting artificial flowers outside? That is a definite no no.

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  1. Organizing all your Knick-knacks On One Shelf

There isn’t anything bad about having small decorations, particularly if they’re works of art or you picked them up on a trip. Yet, if you’ve got an entire wall dedicated to these small things which aren’t of any real use, they will look disorganized, sloppy, and tacky. If you’re not willing to give up some of these one hundred or so small knickknacks, switch them every once in a while, so that only some of them are out at the same time.

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  1. Actually Using Slipcovers

Plastic slipcovers, which were made to keep the material of home furnishings safe, might have experienced some popularity in the sixties, yet slipcovers weren’t ever okay. They’re ugly and squeaky, in addition to not being comfortable. Once in a while a person will be wearing some clothes for comfort rather than style, or he or she might spill something all over his or her clothing, yet this isn’t a reason for donning a parka for the entire day.

  1. Theme Rooms

If your home is near the beach, it’s okay to have a few accessories in a couple of places, and it’s even more okay if you have a real antique wheel from a boat. Yet, designing a theme into a whole area is totally tacky. And, it is even more terrible if your ocean themed room is really somewhere in Missouri.

5.Toilet Seats With Patterns

If you desire to make your bathroom a bit more fashionable, do a bit of painting in it and hang pieces of art and curtains. Yet, let the toilet alone; maintain a basic, white toilet and leave it precisely as the maker created it. Do not even consider purchasing any fancy type of toilet, that you can find available for sale on various Internet store websites, such as amazon.


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  1. Leaving Cables and Cords Out

In addition to being a fire hazard, having a lot of cords laying around looks terrible. Whenever you can, utilize wireless items, and if you must, stop playing games.

3.Artificial Wall Treatments

Tuscany and the buildings in it are gorgeous. Yet, unless you really are a citizen of Italy, fake exposed brick and color washing will not trick anybody that comes to visit your house. Clean white walls provide as much relaxation as these do, and you may as simply provide your lover with a picture in a frame of your vacation of choice.


  1. Vertical Blinds

In the eighties, these blinds were extremely popular, yet they have a really commercial appearance and, above all, aren’t fashionable. In sum, they will turn your house into something from the past, and not a good past. If you desire to prevent the sun from getting into your eyes, yet continue to be able to look outside, buy a few sheer cotton panels to do so.

  1. Compulsively Collecting Pillows

When you’ve got too many cushions on your couch, it prevents you from being able to sit on the couch, and it is unnecessary to inform you that this is a huge design error!

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