Using resin coatings


Epoxy resin coating for baths comes in a kit consisting of colored rosin, a chemical hardening agent, and a can of special brush cleaner. All you do is mix the resin with the hardener and, following the manufacturer’s instructions closely, brush it on’ There are. though, a number of points to bear in mind.



First, you must be very careful about the preparation. The bath surface must be scrupulously clean, dry, and free from grease: otherwise the coating will simply peel off. Lime scale and hard water staining should be removed as far as possible. and then the bath must be vigorously scrubbed with a warm solution of washing soda. Pay particular attention to soap holders, the tidemark line and the area round the waste outlet where soap deposits tend to be at their worst.


llow the bath to dry and then, as a final precaution against grease, wipe over the surface with a little of the special brush cleaner on a soft. lint-free cloth. Again, allow the bath to dry and tie plastic bags round taps and shower roses to contain any unexpected. and potentially damaging, drips splashing the coating before it is dry.



Secondly, great care must be taken with the application; provided you use a good quality brush, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to achieve a smooth, even coverage — though you might find a second coat necessary. For a really professional finish you might consider using a spray gun. Make sure you mask off areas that you don’t want painted and check that there is nothing plastic in the gun that is likely to be corroded by the mixture.



Finally, always follow the safety rules. Two-part coatings of this type are normally highly inflammable. so be sure to work in a well-ventilated room. Keep naked flames well away from the solution and, of course. don’t smoke while you’re doing the job. If any resin comes into contact with your skin or eyes, wash it off immediately with cold water.

Start on the floor of the bath and work up towards the rim, tackling the half furthest from you first. As soon as you have finished. clean your equipment with the cleaner provided and then rinse the brushes or gun with warm soapy water.



It’s also a good idea to throw away any resin/hardener mixture you have left over as it will set solid. even in a sealed container. Finally, you should ensure that you take good care of the newly coated bath. Don’t use it for at least 48 hours. don’t use acid-based cleaners on it and keep soap in a soap tray or it might stain the surface If you get any coating on your hands. you should use brush cleaner on them and then rinse them in warm, soapy water.


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