The benefits of birdhouses in your garden


Creating a small sanctuary for birds in your back garden, can help to bring nature just a little bit closer to home. Sitting in the garden and watching the feathered friends visit your bird house can be soothing, but also rewarding as you can feel secure in the knowledge that you will be providing them with elements they need to survive.


Birds are very fragile creatures by nature, and they need to find shelter from the weather, food and water, somewhere safe and comfortable, to nest and raise their families. By erecting a birdhouse in the garden, you will be able to provide them with all their requirements.



A little forward planning before buying a birdhouse is preferable. There are considerations over size to ponder, for example, you don’t want the resulting house to look overbearing in a small space. Alternately, too small a birdhouse can get lost in a yawning back yard. Whether you tree-mount the birdhouse or have a free standing one, will dictate your choice.



Birdhouses are important for the birds and can become a little safe haven for them. Attention should be paid to which type of birds you want attracted to your garden. It may help to be aware of the particular types of birds that are native and common to your area, and target those. The type of feed that you put out on the table will be the attracting factor. It is possible to attract migratory birds which may pass overhead, but if you put out seed in the hope of attracting an exotic bird which is not native to your area, then your birdhouse could be left largely abandoned.



The pinnacle of sitting in the garden and watching birds visit, is seeing them occupy a birdhouse which you have constructed and designed yourself. There are several benefits to doing this over buying one. Not only will it unleash your creativity, but you can fine tune the designs to suit the birds, and how the building appears aesthetically in your garden.



A birdhouse of your own design can complement your own home, and even building a miniature replica of your abode to go that extra mile. Building a pitched roof with a good overhang will provide important shelter from the elements birds need. Fine tuning the garden around the house with favorable and familiar bushes, trees and shrubs will help with their nesting needs.



Watching the comings and goings of birds is more than just a relaxing distraction. Listening to their song and observing their habits, bird watching is something that can be enjoyed with the family, passing knowledge onto children. Time spent this way cannot only be calming, but can be therapeutic as a stress reliever too.



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