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Outdoor furniture is usually made of metal or wood like redwood which resists rot. Common outdoor furniture repairs include:


• Refinishing wood or metal

• Repairing breaks

• Replacing canvas or webbing


Outdoor furniture needs a good protective finish. Use exterior paints or enamels. If the , metal has begun to rust, clean it thoroughly. Then prime the surface with an anti-rust primer. Use undercoating on wood surfaces.



Often a “sawbuck” chair or table will break where the legs cross. Join the pieces again with a splint glued on and reinforced with several screws. The new joint will probably be stronger than the original piece.


A director’s chair comes apart easily. While it’s apart sand and refinish it. Use the old canvas back and seat as a pattern for the new ones.


If the wood breaks on a patio chair or table, a good way to repair is to glue the piece together with a reinforcing splint over the break. Use screws to hold the splint in place.



Aluminum frame chairs can be recovered with webbing. Save the old grommets and screws. Be sure the chair is fully unfolded when rewebbing. Fold the end of the webbing over twice and puncture the end with an awl. Insert an old grommet to protect the webbing and attach it to the chair frame with a screw. Weave the webbing through to the opposite side and attach it in the same way.



Some chairs have frames wound with plastic tubing. This plastic is very durable. Cord and canvas chairs are easy to repair.


A director’s chair comes apart easily for repair. Refinish the wood parts. Cut new canvas patterned on the old pieces.



Plastic tubing or cord wrapped around an aluminum frame makes a durable, weatherproof chair.


On a webbed chair, fold over the end of each strap twice and insert a grommet before attaching the webbing to the frame with a screw. This will reinforce the hole and keep the webbing from pulling out the first time you sit down.


With cord and canvas chairs, all you have to remember is to knot the end of the cord.



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