How to Build Your Own Tiki Bar


Build Your Own Tiki Bar


If you are planning a luau or a tiki party, the best option would be to build your own tiki bar and transform a part of your home into a paradise. To follow the following techniques on creating a tiki bar, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t built anything in your life before. All you need to do is tag along these tips for adding a feel to your home atmosphere.




The first thing you need is a table, that is, the bar itself. Any old or sturdy table would do. Cover it with an external design such as a counter top or something. If you wish to build your own table, you can go ahead. You will find most of the requirements for this at your own place. However, always remember that the cost of the home-made table is determined by its size. So larger the size of the table, the more expensive it is.



A table cloth having an attractive design is appropriate for the counter top. If your house is located in a tropical location, then using disposable table cloth can be a good idea. One of the most striking techniques is using the table cloth and party items according to the theme of your party.


There are various ways you can work on the roof part. Bamboos for the roof structure of your tiki bar are best to suit your party theme. However, if you don’t find good ones, you can also go for wooden posts. To add a touch of authenticity to your tiki bar, you can purchase well-designed, well-carved, and well-shaped tiki moldings.




Simplest method is by using straws. Many home depots as well as plant places have the straw you require for the tiki bar roof. You can also go for large palm fronds or large leaves, if you find it easier to get hold of them. Have them attached to a light piece of plywood. Another option is purchasing thatched glass panels.


It is best to fix your tiki bar all together after getting your tiki hut roof joint on the ground. Once you are done with fixing your tiki hut structure, you can start decorating it with frangipani candles, straw mats stuck on sand, spooky god statues, and other several ideas offered by your imagination.



Certain important points to remember while working on your tiki bar project:



The toughest part in building your own tiki bar is finding decent roof material. However, this is not much of a problem if you stay near a coast or in a large city. If ever there’s any such problem, you can turn to transaction sites for inexpensive and attractive roof materials.


It is not compulsory to have a countertop. Using cheap table clothes can also do, provided, they go well with the party theme.


The cost of constructing a tiki bar increases with its size.


A profitable and fun-based business is building tiki bars and then, selling them at large amounts. Ready made tiki bars usually range from $800 to thousands of dollars. There are many who have the building and selling of their tiki bars as their main source of income.


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