Jewish Kosher Kitchen Design

Take the steps needed to create a Jewish kosher kitchen design in your home…



A Jewish kosher kitchen design starts by understanding what living kosher means. To be kosher you will want to practice the ritualized separation of meat and dairy in your kitchen and your meals. This means that you will need to have one set of dishes, cookware, appliances and serving ware for parve Jewish recipes, one set of dishes, cookware, appliances and serving ware for dairy Jewish recipes and one set of these items for Jewish Passover recipes. As you can see, being kosher isn’t a practical way of life, but it is a spiritual way of life that has benefits that far outweigh its drawbacks.



The construction of the ideal Jewish kosher kitchen design needs to include a double triangle. One triangle will include a sink, refrigerator and range for dairy and the other triangle will include a sink, refrigerator and range for meat. The perfect kosher kitchen design will also include separate counter tops for dairy and meat. Finally, it will also include separate sets of dishes, cookware, serving ware, utensils, table clothes, napkins dish towels, cleaning products and hand held appliances for meat, dairy and Passover.



If you are a Jew that lives on a budget, or in a small apartment or house, then creating an ideal Jewish kosher kitchen is most likely not possible. However, just because you can’t afford all of the items just mentioned, you can still set up a kosher kitchen that you can afford. To do this all you have to do is make a few adjustments to how you organize your kitchen. That way you will enjoy making your favorite Jewish food recipes.



To create a modest Jewish kosher kitchen you can start by installing a double sink instead of installing two separate sinks. This will allow you to clean up after meat and dairy preparations without cross-contaminating the water. If you have a single sink then you will need to select a sink that is made from a non-porous material like stainless steel and you will need to thoroughly clean the sink between meat item cleansing and dairy item cleansing.



To create a single kosher refrigerator you will want to use one shelf for dairy and one shelf for meat. You will also want to allow hot dishes to cool before putting them into a single refrigerator. This will prevent dairy steam or meat steam from contaminating the other.


If you have a single dishwasher you can still have a kosher kitchen as long as it has a stainless steel interior that can be sterilized between uses and as long as you don’t wash meat and dairy dishes together. You can also make your dishwasher more kosher by buying a second set of removable racks for your single dishwasher. Use one for meat and one for dairy.



To set up your kosher kitchen you will need to buy items that will help you keep your meat and dairy items separate. Labels can be used to identify which cabinets contain meat items, which cabinets contain dairy items and which cabinets contain Passover items.



To keep your utensils, cookware and serving ware separated you can buy sets that have a distinct color, pattern or design. For example you can buy a green set for dairy items, a red set for meat items and a white set for Passover. Wire baskets can also be a great addition to a kosher kitchen. You can use these containers to utilize spaces in your kitchen that would otherwise be wasted.



After you set up you design and install your kosher kitchen you can enjoy your favorite Jewish recipes such as beef brisket and coffee cake.

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