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The back to school period is filled with excitement, shopping and, ultimately, change. As your child prepares for a fun year of learning, consider revamping his or her back to school decor. Why not create a sun-filled slumber party room or a cozy homework haven?





There are many ways to change children’s décor during this important back to school time. Start by taking a cold, hard look at the space and its positive and negative attributes. In many cases, a fresh coat of paint and some storage organizing system can do the trick. In other cases, you may need stylish children’s furniture and accessories.



When selecting paint colors, involve the child in the decision making. Depending on the age, the child’s décor may be dictated by his or her tastes- or your guidance. Some children may want to select coordinating paint and bedding or take part in the painting process.

Back to School Decor




In other rooms, children’s furniture, bedding and window treatments are needed to create a “new” space. Depending on the child’s age, you can look for cartoon themed bedding or bold patterns befitting a teenager. Lamps, posters, area rugs and even dangling beads can help add the finishing touches to this back to school decor.





When selecting children’s furniture, consider how long you plan to use it. A double bed might be more useful in the long-term than a twin bed, for example. If you have two youngsters sharing a room, form a committee to “study” the children’s décor project and help them share in the decision making.


A child’s room can be a fun-filled space with plenty of character. As you plan your back to school decor, take some time to think of fun changes that will boost their spirits throughout the year.

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