Tips For Home Construction

Some top tips for making sure you succeed with your home construction plans.

Firstly, you should choose the right location and I found some great tips here. This is just as important when buying a house as it is when you are constructing one. There’s no point buying some land in the middle of a run-down housing estate and then thinking you can transform it into Buckingham Palace. Be realistic and be aware of the current housing market; which areas are booming and which are struggling.


4 people you need to make friends with ready for your home construction:


A builder, An excavator, A surveyor, An architect.




Think carefully about cost. Chances are you will need a mortgage, so decide how much you are prepared to spend on the build and budget for those unexpected extras.


When choosing the land, check if the area is prone to flooding, as this may make you reconsider your chosen plot. Factors such as soil condition and drainage are also important.



Get your plans drawn out and make sure you always get planning permission.



Home construction is a risky venture if you are inexperienced, so ask around for tips and advice from those ‘in the know’.




It is also advisable to get all parties involved to sign a dated contract. This should describe the proposed plans in detail and will come in handy should anything go awry with your home construction plans.

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