What Is Piling? A Home Construction Essential

In the world of construction, piling is a very important term.


Piling is a technique used to set a deep foundation for structures. This is an essential part of any construction project. Wood, concrete, or steel is driven into the ground so that strong support can be provided for the building structure.


It is important that contractors get things right the first time when it comes to construction. Minimizing costs by minimizing mistakes is crucial, so that is why piling is so important.


Contractors have to take into consideration what type of land they are building on. If they haven’t got the correct foundations then this could pose a danger to the structure and consequently any people that decide to live there once the structure is in place.


Piling equipment includes air hammers, crane mounted vibrators and concrete pile breakers.


If you want the job to go right, get to know your technical terms, including Piling, Shoring, and Formwork.


Piling Equipment – Most building sites will require piling equipment at some point during their build. Common forms of piling equipment include air hammers, concrete pile breakers and crane mounted vibrators.



Formwork – this is like the very base of any construction project, so naturally, it includes the essentials such as steel soldiers, anchors, and struts.



Shoring – this describes the process for supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed. Shoring is used to support the beams and floors in a building while a column or wall is removed. In this situation, vertical supports are used as a temporary replacement for the building columns or walls.

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