Renovating the kitchen is the very first home renovation idea

Like the bathroom, the kitchen represents a significant part of any renovation project because it has the added benefit of greatly increasing the resale value of your home. However, undertaking such renovations may temporarily disturb your daily life and even create certain inconveniences. This is especially true if unexpected developments occur during construction thus increasing costs and extending the planned finish of the renovations.



Here are a few important questions you should consider that will influence your kitchen renovations: Do you have sufficient workplace?


Will the microwave be placed on the kitchen counter or integrated with the upper cabinets? Will natural sunlight suffice? Does the stovetop ventilation hood perform well? Do you wish a snack bar in the corner or a central island? What are the circulation habits of people moving thru or about the kitchen?



Renovating a kitchen is a highly complex operation since it involves a number of different trades: electricity, plumbing, ventilation, and installing kitchen cabinets, all which must comply with the building code. You need only consider all the electrical wiring and outlets required for different appliances such as a microwave, countertop, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and grinders etc. In addition, there is the space heating system integrated at the base of the kitchen cabinets, the lighting, and the stovetop ventilation, not to mention the flooring, plaster, and painting.




Helpful hints: The flooring should always be installed before the kitchen cabinets. This will avoid considerable cutting work. It is essential to know in advance the dimensions and specifications of the major appliances (height, width, depth, and spacing) before ordering your kitchen cabinets. In summary, it is strongly recommended to avoid blindly undertaking a kitchen renovation without careful planning.




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