Elegant & solid natural stone counters: Tips and advice



Granite counters automatically provide a refined allure when they are incorporated in a kitchen or bathroom. For those keen on genuine material, granite is the only natural stone recommended for working surfaces. Other stones are porous hence less resistant to stains. Granite is also resistant to heat as long as it is protected from burning or heated objects. This material is sold in slabs of ¾ inch to 1 ¼-inch thickness. The main advantages of granite counters are durability and longevity. Incidentally, it is used on the surface exterior of buildings.





Granite offers a clear superior resistance to other natural stones. The highly glossed surface of granite is prone to scratches but can be easily re-polished.


It is quite rare to cover an entire countertop with only one granite slab. Therefore, joints are inevitable and these ultimately end up become dirty or clogged. At the plant, granite counters receive a primer sealant coat. After installing the counters, another coat will be applied. It is advised to apply sealant on your counter every two years in order to maintain its beauty and brilliance.




Granite counters are generally installed by professionals chosen by your supplier or contractor. Note that if subjected to a chock, granite can crack or break, especially during transport or installation.




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