Tips and advice for kitchen plumbing

When renovating a kitchen, plumbing work is almost inevitable.


Regarding the kitchen sink, ideally it should be perfectly centered with the window. The dishwasher is then located right next to it, facilitating the hot water and drain connections. Take care to accurately measure the sink dimensions in order to purchase appropriate kitchen cabinets. You should estimate a 24¼ inch opening to ensure the proper space for the dishwasher.




Water and drain plumbing should measure 6 inches long if installed from the wall. If the plumbing passes through the floor, it should measure 10 to 12 inches. Such planning will facilitate the installation of the kitchen cabinets and the final plumbing connections.


It is preferable to wait until the kitchen cabinets are installed before connecting the water valves on the piping. In the meantime, it is recommended to use temporary caps or plugs. This method will facilitate the installation of the sink and cabinets while minimizing the size of the openings to be drilled on the back of the main cabinets.


The photo shows the rear openings of the kitchen sink / cabinets.



A 2½-inch drill bit is used for the drain opening and a ¾-inch bit for the water intake. It is necessary to know, in advance, the dimensions and specifications of the main appliances (water distributor inside the refrigerator etc.) when ordering your kitchen cabinets.



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