THE KITCHEN COUNTER. The kitchen counter, an absolute must when renovating your kitchen.

In order to properly plan a kitchen renovation, the exact measurements of the counter must be calculated to ensure the installation and to avoid unnecessary delays in the work schedule.


The kitchen counter is anchored with screws aligned with the pre-installed openings on the cabinets. By using 1 inch long – 1/8 inch round screws that are shorter than the counter thickness, you will avoid piercing your counter. You can also install it with small square sections of 5/8 (no 8) inch screws, ½ inch long. Granit counters, however, are installed and maintained in place with silicone.



In the case of laminated counters, when they must form an angle joint, the manufacturer supplies the assembly fasteners. The use of wood glue to install such counters is not recommended because of its tendency to swell or inflate your counter. A preferred choice is the use of silicon because of its elasticity and waterproof properties. However, be prepared to use a solvent to clean and remove the silicon on your counters since it does tend to stick on most surfaces.



As for latex, use the tube form, cut at an angle, as a finish between the counter and walls. Use a clean cloth immersed in water for quickly cleaning latex spills or excess material for good results. Contrary to silicone, latex may be painted. Note that latex is not used if you intend to install ceramic on the walls.


Granit and resins are other popular materials (corian) used in making kitchen counters. Although more expensive than laminated counters, they are more resistant. Generally, the manufacturer will handle the measurements, transport, and installation. Usually, such specialists will cut out the openings for the faucets, sink, plumbing etc., and the heating plates, if applicable. Ceramic counters are custom made entirely onsite. An epoxy based grout is recommended to join the squares because it is usually permanent in nature.


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