Tips and sound advice for your ceramic counter

For the ceramic counter, it is recommended to use ceramic squares measuring between 2×2 and 6×6 inches. Choose easy to maintain flat ceramic, generally matte with anti-stain properties since it is easier to clean than high gloss ceramic, and avoid enamel ceramic tiles. Ceramic squares of 3/8 to 1/2 inch thickness are recommended in order to better resist impacts from kitchen accessories.




If you use a polymer-based grout, it is recommended to choose a stained grout and then cover or paint with multiple coats of a waterproof sealer. This sealer must be reapplied every year. The joints between squares should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 10 days before applying the waterproof sealant.


Epoxy grout should be considered because this type of grout offers exceptional resistance to shocks, stains, humidity, and to chemical agents. However, epoxy grout is more difficult to work with and it dries very quickly. You must work on only a few ceramic squares at a time and clean as fast as possible. You have approximately 20 to 30 minutes to clean the grout otherwise the work will become very difficult and the grout could even stain the ceramic tiles. Avoid a mixture that is too thin or liquid since it may create fissures and/or change color as it dries as well as being less resistant. When installing the ceramic, always wear rubber gloves and protective safety glasses. In addition, avoid all contact with the skin since these products are corrosive.






Ceramic counters bring a certain warmth and soberness especially if one opts for neutral colors like beige, chestnut, and earth tones. Before proceeding with the installation, verify the support to ensure that it is solid. Two 5/8 inch plywood will suffice while leaving space for expansion of the wood. A combination of a ½-inch concrete board with a 5/8 inch plywood can also be used to support a ceramic counter.


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