What electrical wiring should one anticipate when renovating a kitchen?


Plan an exclusive circuit designed for a corner meal table / counter (kitchen / dining).

Exclusive circuits for the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.

Plan countertop circuits (4 outlets) centered at 45″ from the floor.

The height for the island outlets, side or back, is centered at 32 inches.

The outlet for the microwave is at 60 inches from the floor.

The outlet for the mixer is at 12 inches from the floor and 6 inches for the dishwasher.

Wiring for the stovetop ventilation is at 66 inches from the floor.


Ensure that the ceiling lights do not obstruct opening the kitchen cabinet doors. If you wish lower lights underneath the cabinets, determine which type since there are a wide variety and ensure sufficient electrical power is available.


As well, ensure that the electrician clearly indicates all the circuits on the distribution panel. You will therefore avoid guessing which one to deactivate when the need arises.



A 15A circuit load will power a maximum of 12 outlets (120 volts) excluding circuit breakers.



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