Installed at the base of the walls, the wallboards protect from foot scuffs or all other hard knocks that could damage walls. It also adds a finishing touch to the floor coverings, especially with rounded ends. When doing a home renovation, it is understood that you will replace your moldings. Nothing gives more character inside a home than a rich ensemble of moldings. However, certain basic principles must be respected to ensure a well-balanced equilibrium.




Window frames vary between 2 inch and 4 inch in width. Very large frames are called pilasters. They vary between 6 inches to 8 inches in width. Cymatium frames are generally installed at the midpoint of walls. They are designed to protect your walls against the backs of chairs. A cymatium accentuates the effect of the length.



O’GEE is best suited for high walls. They soften the finish at the junction of walls and ceilings and camouflage unsightly imperfections. They are used especially when kitchen cabinets are installed close to the ceiling. Painting moldings in such a case after they are installed would require very careful cutting and tedious work. It is much faster to paint them before the installation. It will require some touching up as well as camouflaging the nails after the installation is complete.



When we undertake a home renovation project, we usually proceed room by room. Therefore, we often search for reproductions of our existing moldings. It may be worthwhile to visit recycling sites or construction recuperation sites. If not, combine a number of moldings to reproduce what you have not found.



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