Calculating quantity and conversions for molding, O’gee, frames and baseboards



Measurements for moldings:



For frames, calculate 7 feet for each side of a door since they generally measure 6 feet 8 inches high. Anticipate 5 lengths of 7 or 8 feet for simple doors and 6 lengths for double doors. For windows, simply measure the circumference and add 5%.

For the cymatiums and the baseboards, measure the perimeter of the room or area and subtract the width of the openings (windows and doors for cymatiums). Always add 5% for potential losses.



When you have cornices, measure the perimeter of the room or area, and then add 10% to cover cutting losses. The part of the molding that is usually most bulging or domed is that part which touches the ceiling. The hollowest section near the cornice is generally pointed towards the bottom. There are corners, both interior and exterior, that facilitate the installation. Prefabricated corners are best suited for 90-degree angles only. Note for esthetic purposes that prefabricated corners are slightly thicker than standard moldings.




Moldings are held in place with finishing nails. You can also use adhesive when it is impossible to use nails. To assemble angle joints, use wood glue.

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