Window renovations are generally the most expensive part of your home renovation project hence a good reason to be astute and careful. In older home renovations, we usually find guillotine or sash type windows with two sliding frames. Since they are single panes, they are often doubled with additional frames to improve energy efficiency and conservation.




Sash windows that are more recent are equipped with frames that have double panes and vinyl runners that slide using springs. These window frames are usually made of wood or vinyl covered wood and are also available as aluminum windows.


Casement windows are widely used nowadays. They are hinged on one side and function (open/close) with a handle. The frame is usually made of wood or vinyl covered wood. They are also available as aluminum windows.



Sliding windows normally are made with two frames that slide one behind the other on runners. These windows have no mechanical parts and are generally problem free. They are also available as PVC windows.





Frames that are wedged or jammed require cleaning the runners. Frames that are completely rotten will require you to replace the entire window. A broken window is dangerous and reduces the energy efficiency. It is easy enough to replace a single pane window but double pane windows must be purchased and installed by a professional window contractor. Check the putty that holds the pane in the frame and replace it as needed.


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