HGTV and cash

I must admit that whenever I’ve my television switched on, there’s a high probability I’ll be viewing among the programs around the Home funnel (HGTV). There are plenty of interesting programs about this network. I like sightseeing once they buy, sell and connect up houses.


These programs could be a great resource with regards to the understanding mortgages, home repairs, decorating, along with other facets of home possession.



I still remember whenever we bought our first home. The very first time I even heard the word settlement costs was whenever we demonstrated as much as sign papers when purchasing our first home- so we did not ask them to.



My problem with many different the shows around the Home network is by using the way in which most of the shows put a lot importance on “things”, and provide the content that without having these “things”, you’re in some way inferior and out-of-date. It does not appear to matter how much cash these “things” cost – only you have them.



Do you know the latest “things”? Currently they’re wood flooring and stainless appliances. In case your floors are laminate, or perhaps your appliances white-colored, you are created to feel that you ought to step outdoors your house and hang up your mind in shame!




These messages are now being sent again and again on several shows. Like a conservative homemaker, who not define herself by her possessions, I be worried about other people who is much more susceptible to these messages and undertake debt.


Youthful people frequently haven’t learned yet that “things” don’t give you happiness. Yet debt makes you miserable.



The truly sad factor is the fact that all of this materialism is really misguided. The majority of us reside in conditions which are incredibly comfortable, particularly when you appear at housing conditions all over the world or compare our conditions to generations past.



Many of these shows treat do it yourself like fashion. Anything over ten years is hopelessly outdated. What’s really sad is if you notice a house in which the kitchen was renovated ten years ago, and today, apparently, they believe needs it again.

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