Large Kitchen Upgrades. Part 3.

Replacing Cabinets




Cabinet replacement is most cost-effective when you are completely remodeling the kitchen. Damage to cabinets and countertops is most likely during the removal required for most major kitchen remodeling.



As has been noted previously, the markup on prefabricated (modular) cabinets is high, so when shopping for modular units, expect 50 to 70 percent discounts. This is not true for custom cabinets, although prices will vary greatly from cabinetmaker to cabinet maker, depending on the quality of construction, accessories, door style, and finish. Not every cabinetmaker is a good designer. Professional design assistance is most important to achieve a high-quality finished product.



Dovetailed drawer construction is the finest, but its absence should not preclude the importance of strong hardware (drawer glides and hinges), thick cabinet walls, finished interiors, good-quality wood products and accessories, and a fine finish.


Factory-applied varnishes are usually superior to those on locally made cabinets. However, cabinets with “photo-finished” surfaces, such as contact paper, are not a good investment.



Adding Island Cabinets




Island cabinets can make a kitchen more versatile and in nesting. It is important when installing them to avoid creating tight passageways. To find out how well an island cabinet would work in an existing kitchen, try the following. Measure a point 3 feet in front of the dishwasher and place a kitchen chair on the mark.


Open the dishwasher, bend over, and pull out the bottom tray. If your body doesn’t bump the chair, you have enough space to install an island. Perform this experiment with any appliances that will open into a walkway created by the installation of an island cabinet.



Remodeling or Expanding a Kitchen






Statistics show that you can expect a 75 to 110 percent return on your investment from a kitchen remodeling project, with expansions returning slightly less. This excellent re-turn compounds the pleasure of having a safe, luxurious, modern work center.


No home improvement is more satisfying than a complete renovation. But the process can be stressful. You can minimize the stress by making as many decisions as possible before the project begins, preparing a separate cooking and sink area to be used during construction, and accepting that your life will be in disarray for many weeks.



The success of a kitchen remodeling project or expansion depends on planning. Every detail must be thoroughly studied. Making a wants and needs a checklist of every feature in the new kitchen can make planning easier. Architects, designers, and contractors can get a better idea about your dream kitchen by knowing your preferences.



Base Cabinet Installation: Measurements for last cabinet and filler piece; Lazy-susan unit in corner cabinet; Upper cabinets already installed.





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